As a UAE resident, you should know that traveling within or outside the UAE without travel insurance is not a good idea! For your peace of mind and financial well-being, a travel insurance plan and its coverage should take priority on your pre-travel arrangements the minute you start planning for your trip. 

This applies whether the travel is for a leisure or a holiday; for the annual hometown visits taken by native UAE citizens, or international travel involved when those expats who account for 90% of the UAE travel market take their annual chance to visit home. 

A few points you should keep in mind are, but not limited to; length of the journey, distance to be covered, travel medium (road, water or air). Then there are incidents that you need protection from, for example, an unexpected medical emergency or personal accident; losing your travel documents; flight delays or cancellations; missing baggage upon arrival, or falling victim to theft while traveling! A good travel insurance in Dubai will cover you in all those instances, provided you follow the Dubai travel insurance claim process and read these essential tips.

5 Ways to Ease your Travel Insurance Claim in Dubai

You wouldn’t be claiming on your travel insurance unless you’ve been through some sort of trauma and stress. And, while filing the claim is unlikely to lower those stress levels, and more likely to raise them if your claim is rejected, the payout will do so. Here are some steps you can take to both simplify the process and reduce the chances of your travel insurance claim being rejected. 

1. Read your travel insurance policy carefully before you leave home. Study what is included in the cover, and what isn’t, so you know where you’ll stand should you suffer loss or experience a setback. Most travel insurance policies will not cover loss or damage caused by war or terrorism, nor will it pay out for pre-existing medical conditions, or if your trip is cut short by events you knew could happen before you left home. Other exclusions could be included, depending on the insurance policy taken out. 

2. Check on your other overlapping insurance policies such as homeowner’s insurance, medical cover, and accident insurance, which may play a role in the final payout, and could also delay the payout of your Dubai travel insurance claim. Travel insurance usually pays out last, and only on proof that relevant claims have been made to, and paid by, other insurers like your medical insurer, airline or travel agency. 

3. Take relevant documents and contact numbers with you. Having a list of contact numbers for your insurance company, travel agent and airline on hand would simplify the process. Do provide a  copy of your emergency contact to them in case they need to step in on your behalf.

4. Don’t procrastinate when notifying your insurer of your situation, and don’t wait too long before lodging a claim either. Travel insurers usually have a narrow window of opportunity for reporting incidents (usually around 20 days), and a slightly wider one for lodging claims (three weeks to three months). 

5. Create a paper trail by ensuring you have the necessary hospital documents to back up your medical emergency claim or written proof that the local authorities have been contacted following an accident or theft. Also keep dated receipts related to tickets, food, and any other expenses incurred concerning the event and claim.

Being ready for the times when the what-ifs become realities can make all the difference when it comes to lodging a claim on your travel insurance in Dubai, or anywhere else you travel. 

If you are yet to find the best travel insurance in the UAE based on the level of cover you want, compare favorably with those in other countries, has just the right plans for you! Compare comprehensive travel insurance plans on to ease the process of signing up and claiming.

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