Gear up for aviation’s premier biennial event – the Dubai Airshow! This colossal trade show brings together the industry’s biggest names, showcasing cutting-edge technology and awe-inspiring aircraft. 

Whether you’re a seasoned aerospace professional or an enthusiastic aeroplane aficionado, the Dubai Airshow promises an unforgettable experience.

In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know, from tickets to must-see exhibits, making your Airshow experience unforgettable.  Buckle up and get ready to reach new heights!

About Dubai Air Show

About Dubai Air Show


The Dubai Airshow is a premier event in the aerospace industry, known for showcasing cutting-edge technology and incredible aircraft.

The 18th Dubai Airshow was a resounding success, bringing together a massive international audience. Over 1,400 exhibitors from 98 countries converged to showcase the latest in aerospace technology. Among them were 350+ distinguished speakers, 90+ innovative startups, and 20 impressive country pavilions. This incredible gathering reshaped the future of the industry, with a stunning display of 190+ aircraft on both static and flying exhibition. Check out the full list of exhibitions here.

But wait, there’s more! The 2025 edition promises to be even bigger and better, exceeding all expectations. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this landmark event and witness the future of aerospace firsthand!

When is the Next Dubai Air Show?

The Dubai Airshow dates are Monday, November 13th to Friday, November 17th, 2025. Housed in its very own, state-of-the-art facility at DWC, the Dubai Airshow is within easy reach for travelers coming from Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

It’s a five-day event where aviation enthusiasts, industry professionals, and the general public can come together to experience the latest advancements in the aerospace industry.

Dubai Air show timing is 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM each day. This gives visitors ample time to explore the various exhibitions, attend conferences, and engage with the different activities happening throughout the event.

Dubai Air Show Key Features

Dubai Air Show Features


The Dubai Airshow has some important features that you should know about:

Space Focus

The Dubai Airshow partners with the UAE Space Agency to highlight the importance of space in the event. It’s a great opportunity to make business connections and interact with leaders in the space industry, both locally and globally.

Flying Display

The flying display at the Dubai Airshow is an exciting experience that both visitors and exhibitors look forward to. It showcases some of the most advanced aircraft from around the world, both in the air and on the ground.


The Dubai Airshow brings together experts from the region and around the world. They discuss important topics related to the aviation industry and lead thought-provoking sessions. It’s a chance to learn from trailblazers and network with influential people in the industry.


If you’re an entrepreneur, the Dubai Airshow offers an exciting platform called VISTA. It includes pitch competitions, meetings with investors, and mentorship clinics. It’s a great opportunity for creative entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas and get support for their startups.

B2B Matchmaking

At the Dubai Airshow, you can conduct meaningful business transactions. Through an AI matchmaking program, registered attendees can connect with clients and schedule meetings before, during, and after the event. It’s a convenient way to make valuable business connections.


The Dubai Airshow attracts official delegations from different countries, including military and civil representatives. This provides a unique opportunity to collaborate on an international scale and build relationships with delegates from around the world.

AAM Pavilion

One of the exciting features of the Dubai Airshow is the Advanced Aerial Mobility (AAM) pavilion. Here, you can explore the future of flight, including advanced electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles (eVTOLs), futuristic drones, and high-tech unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). It’s a showcase of next-generation aviation technology that will leave you amazed.

Dubai Air Show Floor Plan

Want to know the best place to watch? Check out this floor plan.

Dubai Air Show Floor Plan

How to Travel to the Dubai Air Show Site

Here are the different transportation options available for getting to the Dubai Airshow:


If you choose to take a taxi, you can easily find the Dubai Taxi Service as soon as you exit the airport, or you can hail a taxi on the road. To reach the Dubai Taxi Service, you can call their telephone number at +971 (0)4 2080808. Taxis provide a convenient and direct way to get to the show.

Shuttle Bus

During the show days from November 17th to 21st, 2025, Dubai Airshow shuttle buses will be available. The schedule for the shuttle buses will be announced closer to the show. This option allows you to travel to the venue without the hassle of finding parking or navigating through traffic.


The Dubai Metro is another option for reaching the Dubai Airshow. The closest station to the venue is Ibn Battuta station on the Red Line. To ensure a smooth journey and minimise wait times, it’s recommended to obtain a Nol Card in advance from the ticket machines or ticket counters at all stations.

Private Car

If you prefer to drive to the show, you can refer to the driving directions provided by the Dubai Airshow. There is parking available on-site for attendees. Additionally, the show partners with local limousine services and more details about this service will be announced closer to the show opening.

Travel with Emirate

Emirates is the exclusive airline partner of the Dubai Airshow. They offer flights on their advanced fleet, including the largest fleet of A380 and Boeing 777 aircraft in the world. Special promotions and discount codes on flights will be announced closer to the show, providing attendees with convenient and discounted travel options.


The Dubai Airshow works with local partners to provide access to special discounts that are not available elsewhere. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious, eco-friendly, or regular stay, there are hotel partners that cater to different preferences. 

The hotel partners for the 2025 show will be announced soon, giving attendees a range of accommodation options to choose from.

Here are the estimated driving times to various locations from the Dubai Airshow:

  • Dubai Marina: Approximately 20 minutes to drive from the Dubai Airshow venue to Dubai Marina.
  • Downtown: The driving time from the Dubai Airshow to Downtown Dubai is around 35 minutes.
  • Dubai International Airport: Approximately 45 minutes to drive from the Dubai Airshow venue to Dubai International Airport.
  • Abu Dhabi International Airport: Driving time from the Dubai Airshow to Abu Dhabi International Airport is around 50 minutes.


How much does it cost to visit the show?

Visitor badge prices haven’t been announced yet, but stay tuned!

Is the Dubai Airshow open to the public? 

The Dubai Airshow is a business trade show aimed at industry professionals. Attendees may be asked to show a business card for verification.

What is the age limit? 

For the general public, there’s the ‘Skyview’ area where children under 16 can watch the flying displays with an accompanying adult.

Is there a dress code?

The dress code for the trade show is business attire or national dress.

How can I register as a visitor? Can I apply for VIP badges?

Visitor registration details will be announced soon. While there are no VIP badges offered, the standard badges will grant access for all five days and include complimentary conference attendance.

Can I visit the Dubai Airshow as a student?

Individual student registration is not available for the Dubai Airshow. However, students can attend as part of a university or college group. 

Can I register for the Dubai Airshow on-site?

No, on-site registration or ticket sales won’t be available. You’ll need to register online (details to be announced) and print your badge at home before arriving at the venue.

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