Riverland Dubai is a unique themed dining, retail, and entertainment destination at Dubai Parks and Resorts. It offers visitors a nostalgic journey through different eras and cultures, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to experience a blend of history, culture, and fun.

 Here’s your ultimate guide to making the most out of your visit.

Overview of Riverland Dubai

It is divided into three main themed zones, each offering a distinct experience:

Riverland Dubai Key Zones

The French Village at Riverland Dubai

The French Village at Riverland Dubai

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Step into medieval Europe at The French Village. This zone features charming cobblestone streets, quaint shops, and delightful cafes. The architecture is reminiscent of the ancient era, offering a picturesque setting for a stroll.

Boardwalk at Riverland Dubai

Boardwalk at Riverland Dubai

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The Boardwalk takes you back to 1950s America, with neon signs and vintage cars. This lively zone is perfect for enjoying classic American cuisine or catching a live performance.

The Peninsula at Riverland Dubai

The Peninsula at Riverland Dubai

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Located at the heart of Riverland Dubai, The Peninsula is an outdoor venue that hosts various events throughout the year. Its expansive space and scenic views make it the ideal zone for concerts, festivals, and other gatherings.

Dining Options at Riverland Dubai

Riverland Dubai boasts a variety of dining options that cater to all tastes. Here are some top picks:

Al Mashowa

Savour traditional Emirati seafood at Al Mashowa. This restaurant offers an authentic taste of local cuisine, perfect for those looking to try something new.

Plaza: The French Village

For more seafood options, visit Best Seafood Restaurants in Dubai.

Bol Gappa

Experience a fusion of Indian and international flavours at Bol Gappa. This restaurant offers a trendy twist on traditional dishes.

Plaza: Boardwalk


Sometimes, you just need a classic. McDonald’s here serves all your fast-food favourites, from burgers to fries.

Plaza: Boardwalk


Craving chicken? Chickadees has you covered with various delicious chicken dishes in a family-friendly setting.

Plaza: Boardwalk


For a taste of America, head to TGIF. Known for its casual dining experience and wide variety of American dishes, it’s a great spot for family and friends.

Plaza: Boardwalk

Wok Garden

Dive into a world of Asian flavours at Wok Garden. Offering a variety of wok-fried dishes, it’s a must-visit for fans of Asian cuisine.

Plaza: The Peninsula

Viva Ristorante

Enjoy the taste of Italy at Viva Ristorante. This spot serves classic Italian dishes like pasta and pizza, made with fresh ingredients.

Plaza: The Peninsula

The Keg

If you’re in the mood for some sizzling steak, The Keg is the place to be. Known for its high-quality steaks and seafood, it’s perfect for a hearty meal.

Plaza: The Peninsula


Riverland Dubai has several unique retail outlets, providing visitors with a diverse shopping experience. From souvenirs to high-end fashion, there’s something for everyone.

Events and Entertainment

Riverland Dubai hosts a variety of events and live entertainment throughout the year. From street performances to music festivals, there’s always something happening to keep visitors entertained. 

Here are some attractions you can’t miss:

  • Laser Show: The area is all lit up by a nightly display of lights, sound, and colour. The Laser Show typically starts after sunset and is a highlight for visitors. 
    • Timings: 7:30 PM, 8:20 PM, and 9:30 PM.
    • Location: Plaza
  • The World’s Largest Camel: This Guinness World Record-holding LED sculpture of the Largest Camel lights up at night, creating a dazzling visual treat. 
    • Timings: Evening hours. 
    • Location: Peninsula.
    • Dino Mania: Experience life-like dinosaurs in this immersive show of Dino Mania, running from Wednesday to Sunday. It’s perfect for families and kids. 
      • Timings: 8:45 PM. 
      • Location: Plaza
      • Neon Galaxy: A space-themed play zone offering various exciting activities for kids. The Neon Galaxy is open daily, ensuring fun for the younger visitors. 
        • Timings: All day. 
        • Location: Boardwalk.

        How to Reach Riverland Dubai

        Riverland Dubai is easily accessible through various modes of transportation:

        Mode of TransportDetails
        CarDrive via Sheikh Zayed Road; ample parking is available.
        MetroTake the metro to UAE Exchange, then taxi/rideshare.
        BusReview the RTA website for bus routes and schedules.

        Riverland Dubai Tickets and Pricing

        Entry to Riverland Dubai is nominal. Tickets are required for other specific park attractions and events. Here’s a quick look at the ticket options:

        Ticket TypePrice (AED)Description
        Riverland Dubai Tickets15 (Online booking)General entry to Riverland Dubai
        Motiongate Dubai295Entry to Motiongate Dubai
        LEGOLAND Dubai295Entry to LEGOLAND Dubai
        LEGOLAND Water Park295Entry to LEGOLAND Water Park

        Annual Passes are available too for different Park access. Ensure to check the official website for up-to-date pricing.

        Final Takeaway

        Riverland Dubai offers a delightful blend of culture, dining, shopping, and recreation, making it an outstanding destination for families, friends, and solo travellers. Whether exploring the fascinating zones, indulging in delicious food, or enjoying live performances, this place cannot make you miss!

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Which metro station is Riverland Dubai? 
        There is no direct metro station for Riverland Dubai. The nearest metro station is UAE Exchange, where you can taxi to Riverland Dubai.

        How to reach Dubai Riverland? 
        You can reach Riverland Dubai by car, taxi, or a combination of metro and taxi. It is located within Dubai Parks and Resorts, Sheikh Zayed Road, opposite Palm Jebel Ali.

        Which place looks like Europe in Dubai? 
        The French Village in Riverland Dubai is designed to resemble medieval Europe, with its cobblestone streets and historic architecture.

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