Imagine having a special card that makes traveling around Sharjah super easy! That’s exactly what the Sayer card is. It’s like a magical pass that helps you use buses in Sharjah without any hassle. Instead of worrying about carrying cash or buying tickets every time you hop on a bus, you just use your Sayer card. Its purpose for hassle-free commuting is the same as the NOL card in Dubai. 

What is a Sayer card?

The Sharjah Road and Transport Authority (SRTA) has introduced the Sayer card to help Emirate residents save time during their travels.

Here’s how it works: With a Sayer card, you can pay for your bus rides using it. No need to search for coins or stand in line to buy tickets. This card uses smart technology that makes your bus travel smoother and quicker. Just imagine all the time you can save!

Whether you’re going to school, work, or exploring the city, the Sayer card has your back. It’s like having a travel buddy that’s always ready. So, remember your trusty Sayer card next time you want to ride a bus in Sharjah. It’s the key to a more convenient and time-saving journey!

Types of Sayer Card

Blue Card

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Let’s talk about this super fantastic Sayer subscription card. This one’s a game-changer for folks who don’t usually take the bus. With the blue card, you can score a bus ticket for just AED 6, like getting a sweet 25% off from the regular AED 8.

Here’s the scoop on how to grab your Sayer card: Swing by the Mowasalat bus station or chat up the drivers – they’ve got you covered. You’ve got some neat options to choose from:

  1. AED 50
  2. AED 95
  3. AED 185

When you buy a new card, AED 5 (including that 5% VAT) will be taken off your balance as the one-time card fee. But don’t worry. You’ll get that same amount back when you recharge the card next time. Plus, the blue card sticks around for five years. So, if you’re all about saving time and money, this Sayer card is your new buddy!

Gray card

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If you ride public buses in Sharjah, listen up! There’s this cool gray card up for grabs. Here’s the deal: You pay AED 225 monthly, and guess what? You get to ride those buses as much as you want for a full 30 days. And hey, just a heads-up, when you first get the card, there’s a small AED 5 fee (including the VAT thing) that goes with it.

The gray card is now like a trusty companion – valid for 5 years. But, keep in mind, to keep the good times rolling, you’ve got to renew your subscription every month. So, if you’re all about cruising around Sharjah without worrying about tickets, this gray card might be your new best friend!

White Card

This official document, like a special pass, lets people with determination and those who get social assistance travel for free. They call it the white card. And guess what? It’s valid for a whole year. Even better, you don’t need to pay anything for this card – it’s free. So, if you or someone you know falls into this category, this white card could be your ticket to some hassle-free and cost-free travels!

Why Sayer Card is a Wiser Way to Travel

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  • It’s hassle-free.
  • A payment method without the need for cash when traveling.
  • Effortlessly board buses by simply tapping the card on the card reader

Things to Note and do when using a Sayer Card

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  • Display your SAYER card at a Sharjah Public Transport bus ticket machine.
  • The fare for the journey will be subtracted from your SAYER Card.
  • Kindly retain the SAYER ticket receipt until the journey’s completion for inspection.
  • The SAYER Ticket Receipt will outline the deducted amount and the remaining balance in your SAYER Card.
  • A 15-minute interval is required before obtaining a second ticket.

Sales Options

Get your hands on Sayer Cards within Sharjah Public Transport buses, available for purchase and recharge. Just approach the friendly driver, and they’ll be more than happy to assist you. It’s a convenient way to access seamless travel, ensuring you’re all set for your journey without any hassle.

Sayer Cards Availability

Getting a Sayer Card is easy on a Sharjah Public Transport Bus. Just hand the money to the driver, and they’ll give you the card immediately. No need to plan or anything fancy. This card is your ticket to easy breezy travel in Sharjah, and the whole process is as simple as asking for it from the driver.

How to Recharge a Sayer Card?

Getting a Sayer card for your Sharjah bus travels is simple! But here’s the scoop: you can’t recharge it online right now. So, no need to search the web for that. Instead, you can grab a card on the spot from the friendly bus drivers. They’re like your travel buddies, helping you out!

When you’re ready to top up your card, hop onto any Sharjah public bus. You’ll find the driver there, and you can tell them you want to recharge your Sayer card. You can also tell them if you want a monthly subscription or just how much money you want to put on your blue Sayer card.

Once you’ve told the driver what you need, pay the charges, and a magical thing happens. The driver will recharge your card right there! No need to wait for an app or a computer. They’ll even return your Sayer card, all ready to use, and a receipt to show you’ve paid.

See? Easy-peasy! Your Sayer card and those helpful drivers ensure you’re all set for your bus adventures in Sharjah.

Sayer Card Registration

Making sure your Sayer card is safe, and sound is really important. Imagine if you lost it or it got damaged! But don’t worry. There’s a smart way to protect your card and the money on it. 

When you “register” your Sayer card, you tell a special system that the card is yours. If you lose it, that system goes into action. It quickly makes the card stop working, so no one else can use it. And guess what? Nobody can just grab your lost card and claim it’s theirs. Once a card is registered, it’s locked to your name.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Visit the official SRTA website or navigate to the “register your Sayer card” page on the Mowasalat website.
  2. Enter your personal details:
    • Name
    • Sayer card number (located on your card)
    • Emirates ID
  3. Choose a secret password.
  4. Wait patiently for 7 to 10 days while the registration process is completed.
  5. Once the process is finalized, your card will be officially registered to you, as if your name is written on it in invisible ink.

So, by taking this simple step, you’re ensuring your Sayer card is extra secure.

How to Check the Balance on your Sayer Card?

Here’s a superb thing about using your Sayer card in Sharjah. You get a receipt whenever you pay for your bus ticket. This receipt is a tiny piece of paper that shows two important things: 

  • How much you paid for the bus ride 
  • And how much money is still hanging out on your card. It’s like a money update!

Why is this receipt thing handy? Well, it’s like your card’s memory. You can see it and know exactly your balance. No more guessing or wondering! 

Oh, but here’s a cool twist: if you’re a “gray card” holder, you’re in for a treat. You don’t need to worry about checking your balance. Why? Because you’re like a VIP bus rider! You pay a special subscription fee, like a membership. It lets you ride the bus as often as you want in the city. So, balance checking is like a secret handshake you don’t need.

In a Nutshell

So, now you know the scoop on the Sayer card, the magic ticket for bus rides in Sharjah. By using this card, you can go to the top places to visit in Sharjah. It’s like your bus buddy, making your travel super easy! But here’s a fun twist: if you’re looking for more ways to get around, there’s something else to consider.

Hopping on a bus is a budget-friendly way to travel. But guess what? You have another option too: your very own car! Imagine cruising around Sharjah in your car, going wherever and whenever you want.

So, whether you’re a bus adventurer with your Sayer card or thinking about hitting the road in your car, Sharjah has you covered. It’s like having a whole world of travel choices waiting for you!

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