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    We hope this question is out of curiousity only and not reality since driving an uninsured vehicle in the UAE is a high risk that we would strongly advise against. With online insurance services readily accessible and easy to use, you don’t have any reason to drive an uninsured car anywhere; especially with the severe implications you might face.

    The penalty for driving an uninsured vehicle in the UAE is a 500 Dirhams fine, four black points applied to your licence, and the confiscation of the vehicle for seven days. But that’s not taking into consideration all the potential and wider implications.

    If you drive an uninsured vehicle and hit a pedestrian: or cause any injury to any other individual or damage to their property, you are likely to find yourself facing criminal charges: especially if the result is death. In addition to the charges, you’ll have to pay blood money, or what is known in the UAE as “Diya”: generally a 200,000 Dirhams death penalty. Maybe by now, you can see why it’s strictly advised not to drive an insured car?!

    Besides criminal charges (breach of legislation for not holding Third Party Liability Motor insurance at least) and worst-case scenarios, if you get into a minor accident while driving an insured vehicle you may be facing civil charges! And left to pay for all damages to your vehicle and third-parties out of your own pocket!

    Whatever the case might be, there is no justification for driving an uninsured vehicle nowadays: especially with an extensive team of friendly insurance advisors at on hand to help you buy the best insurance policy for you within minutes. So don’t delay, give it a try today!