Parking in Sharjah just got a whole lot easier! Say goodbye to the hassle of finding the exact change or worrying about losing parking tickets. With the new Sharjah parking SMS payment system, you can pay for your parking spot with just a few taps on your phone. It’s a simple and smart solution perfect for everyone—whether you’re a resident or a visitor exploring the city. Just send a quick text message, and your parking is paid. This modern method is not only super convenient but also saves time. 

So, next time you park in Sharjah, remember that your phone is all you need to secure your spot. Give it a try and enjoy a stress-free parking experience! Here’s how you can utilize this service with ease.

Registering for Sharjah SMS Parking

Sharjah SMS Parking Resgistration

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Before you can start using the Sharjah SMS parking service, you need to register your vehicle. Here’s a simple guide:

  1. Visit the official site: Navigate to the Sharjah city municipality website and look for “Smart Services”.
  2. Select the service: Choose “Public Parking Department Services” and then “SMS Parking“.
  3. Enter the service: Click on “Enter the Service” and then “Register a new user”.
  4. Provide details: Enter your phone number, complete the human verification, and follow the prompts to finish the registration.

Once registered, you’re all set to start using the SMS service for parking payments.

Steps to Send Sharjah Parking SMS

If you’ve just parked your car and are wondering how to pay, don’t worry, it’s easy! Just follow these steps to send Sharjah parking SMS:

  • Find the number: Look for 5566 – that’s who you’ll text to pay for parking.
  • Send a text: Grab your phone and send a message in this format: [Plate Source] <space> [Plate Number] <space> [How long you’ll stay in hours]. So, if your plate is from Sharjah (SHJ), your number is 1234A, and you want to park for two hours, you’d text: “SHJ 1234A 2”.
  • Wait for a reply: After you send the text, you’ll get a message back. This is your proof of payment, like a virtual parking ticket.

If you have a vehicle with non-private or GCC plates and want to register it, here’s a simple guide to help you:

  • First, go to the website
  • When registering, use the username associated with your vehicle. It should look like this: “username [space] number of hours”. For example, “john123 4” if registering for 4 hours.

For receiving text messages in Arabic:

  • Add an “A” at the start of your text. So, if your username is “shjXXXX” and you want to register for 5 hours, you would write: “A shjXXXX 5”.

Remember, the maximum parking duration is five hours. If you need more time, you must find a new spot or move your car.

Benefits of Using Sharjah SMS Parking

Sharjah SMS Parking

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  • Get timely alerts: No one likes unexpected fines! So, it’s great to get a friendly text message reminder 10 minutes before your parking time runs out. This way, you can avoid those pesky tickets.
  • Pay with your phone: Remember the hassle of finding coins or using cards. Your phone can handle the payment for you, which is super convenient!
  • Extend parking from anywhere: Imagine you’re far from where you parked, and your parking time is nearly up. No need to rush back to the car; just use your phone to add more time from wherever you are.
  • Quick online payments: Save the minutes for something better. Paying for parking is now fast and simple over the Internet.

So, remember these points to make parking stress-free:

  • Set up alert messages to avoid fines.
  • Use your phone to pay easily without cash or cards.
  • Renew your parking time from anywhere if you need to stay longer.
  • Enjoy the speed of online payments to save time.

Sharjah SMS Parking Charges

Sharjah SMS Parking Charges

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When using the SMS parking service, it’s important to understand the costs involved:

  1. Service charges: There’s an additional transaction fee of 38 fils per SMS on top of the AED 2 permit value.
  2. Cost breakdown
  • 2.38 Dhs for 1 hour.
  • 5.38 Dhs for 2 hours.
  • 8.38 Dhs for 3 hours.
  • 12.38 Dhs for 5 hours.

So, the longer you stay, the more you pay. Always check how many hours you’ll need and plan your budget accordingly. It’s smart to know the cost ahead of time, so you’re not surprised later. 

What if You Need to Extend the Parking Time?

Sharjah has a handy parking SMS service that makes it easy to keep your vehicle parked without worry. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Get alerted: You won’t have to keep checking the clock. The service will send you a text message 10 minutes before your parking time is up. This is a friendly reminder that it’s almost time to move your car or extend parking.
  • Easy to extend: If you want to park for longer, there’s no need to rush back to your car or find a parking meter. You can simply reply to the alert message with a ‘Y’ and send it to 5566. By doing this, you’ll get another hour of parking time just like that.

Here’s a quick list of what to remember:

  • Wait for the alert before your parking expires.
  • Reply with ‘Y’ to 5566.
  • Enjoy another hour of stress-free parking!

This SMS service helps you avoid parking fines. It makes it convenient to extend your parking time without interrupting your day. Always remember to use it to make your parking experience in Sharjah hassle-free.


  • Confirmation messages: After each SMS, you should receive a confirmation within 60 seconds.
  • Parking violations: If you’ve paid but still received a fine, the Sharjah Municipality will rectify any errors upon verification.


  • What is the Sharjah parking SMS number? The Sharjah parking SMS number is 5566.
  • Can I use an NOL card for parking in Sharjah? Currently, the NOL card is only for parking in Dubai.
  • How to pay for Sharjah Dubai Plate parking? Send an SMS to 5566 with the format: SHJ <space> Plate number <space> Duration in hours.
  • How do I pay a parking fine in Sharjah? Visit the Sharjah Municipality website to pay fines.


Embracing technology for ease and efficiency, Sharjah’s SMS parking service exemplifies the city’s dedication to simplifying daily tasks for its residents. This innovative solution is more than a mere convenience—it’s a transformative approach to parking. By utilizing this service, you’re not only saving precious minutes but also upgrading your parking experience. 

To harness the full potential of this facility, take a moment to acquaint yourself with the straightforward steps we’ve detailed for you. This knowledge arms you with the ability to tackle parking in Sharjah with newfound confidence, allowing for a seamless, hassle-free experience. Remember, with each SMS, you’re not just parking your vehicle, but you’re parking it smarter.

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