Your dedicated personal shopper will help you shop for your insurance,
and make sure you’ve got the right cover

Your dedicated personal shopper’s job is to help you shop for your insurance. Their job is to buy from the insurance companies. They don’t have to sell anything! We understand that (unfortunately) the insurance industry is driven by way too many sales agents and this is what we hate about insurance too! We know that what you really want is someone who is impartial, independent and truly knows what they’re talking about.

Of course we want your business, but our experience in providing insurance services since 1995 has taught us that this is not going to be achieved by being pushy, annoying and sales-commission-driven. This is why we don’t pay out a commission for every deal that your personal shopper closes (contrary to usual business practice here in the UAE). Rather, we understand that have to be helpful and that we have to be there for you whenever you need. We just need to promptly get you a good deal for the right product for you and this is what we promise to do for you. always!

So, this is what your personal shopper will do excellently well for you:



insurance is confusing and you just want your asset to be protected from any accident or risk. In the process of doing so, you may have many questions. Our personal shoppers have been trained to simplify things for you and explain the practical aspects in deciding on your insurance policy. Moreover, it really helps that we have a fast track claims unit within our own organisation, so we can see our policies at work on a daily basis. We’d love to share examples should you be concerned about a specific scenario.


your dedicated personal shopper has been trained to make sure that they’re never one of the two extremes: an indifferent source of information without any opinion or (perhaps worse) a sales agent of one particular product. We want to understand your requirement, what covers you require, which insurance company would most like your risk profile and then we recommend which options are most suitable for you. Usually, these are the most cost effective options (with the covers you need) but not always.


we realise that you initial quote comparison may need some changing in terms of covers or material information like car value or your Emirate of registration. Your personal shoppers will help you to make any modifications to your quotes quickly and accurately.


as mentioned above, your dedicated personal shopper is here to buy for you and on your behalf. Your personal shopper knows that they must assume that they are themselves spending the money to buy your car insurance policy and accordingly negotiate with the insurance companies to bring you the best possible deal. If you have some positive information about your risk profile (for example, your driving experience or your claims experience), then your personal shopper will definitely take that information back to the insurance companies and bring down the prices as much as possible.



your dedicated personal shopper knows that many things, when it comes to an intangible product like insurance, are not written on paper. Rather, some things are a promise from one person to another. They have been trained to understand the value of a commitment and have been taught to appropriately commit to something being as it is being explained – they will put themselves and their career on the line by doing so. So, if they are really telling you that your claim in a particular scenario would be paid, you can really take their word for it! Even if it isn’t written explicitly on your policy – after all, you cannot write about every scenario! Moreover, for an industry driven so significantly by interpersonal relationships, we will make sure that what the personal shopper promised you really comes true at the time of a claim – through the use of our relationships with the insurance companies.


we know that the Dubai life is very busy and that while you wish you could give enough time to things like car insurance, you’re not able to. Hence, in order to avoid you being in a situation where your insurance has to be impulse bought at the last moment, your personal shopper will ask you when you plan to register your car and accordingly remind you about choosing the right insurance with a sufficient amount of time beforehand. They will make sure that it is not completely forgotten.