Are you a UAE resident with wanderlust for the captivating landscapes and rich culture of Oman? Well, fret no more! Your residency status unlocks a simplified visa process, allowing you to seamlessly transition from your desert home base to the wonders of Oman. 

In this blog, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know about obtaining an Omani visa as a UAE resident, from visa types and requirements to the application process itself. 

So, pack your bags, dust off your camera, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable Omani escapade!

Do UAE Residents require an Oman Visa?

It’s important to understand the distinction: UAE citizens can visit Oman without a visa, thanks to their membership in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which also includes Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain. However, UAE residents, regardless of their visa type (golden, green, digital nomad, or employment), must obtain an Oman visa before travelling.

The relevant visa for UAE residents is the GCC Resident Tourist Visa (Type 29A), offering a 28-day stay with the possibility of a one-week extension. This guide will delve deeper into the requirements and application process for this specific visa, helping you navigate your Omani adventure effortlessly.

Oman Visa for UAE Residents Eligibility Requirements

Securing your Oman visit visa for UAE residents hinges on meeting specific eligibility criteria and completing the application process, which includes gathering the necessary documentation. 

Here’s what you’ll need to have on hand:

Passport and Photo

A copy of your valid passport is crucial. Ensure it remains valid for at least six months from your intended arrival date in Oman.

Include a recent passport-sized photograph taken within the past six months and with a plain white background.

Proof of Residency and ID

Demonstrate your legal residency in the UAE by presenting a copy of your valid UAE visa.

For additional identification, provide a copy of your Emirates ID.

Remember, missing or outdated documents can lead to application delays or rejection. It’s vital to double-check the validity and condition of all required documents before submitting your application.

Must Belong to Any Professions

Computer EngineerArchitectGeologist Engineer
Electronics EngineerMechanical EngineerFlight Engineer
Agriculture engineerBudget SpecialistReferee
TechnologistComputer managerProject Manager
Software AnalystSocial SpecialistX-Ray technician
Electronic technicianDental technicianLabaratory technician
Hospital TechnicianTranslatorDeputy Director
First CounselorCounselorLawyer
ProgrammerVessel SupervisorBusinessman
InvestorTrading partnerPharmacist
Commercial DelegateProduction ExecutiveSales Executive
AdvisorCaptainSpecialist treatment
TeacherBusiness womanMilitary Officer
Sport coachUniversity DirectorArchaeologist
PhysicistChemistHead of Section
Dental surgeonGeneral Manager / DeputyDirector / Deputy
University teacherLecturerBanker
Project AuditorSchool Guidance OfficerHost
Sales RepresentativeTour GuideBroad caster/Anchor
MusicianAthletic OrganiserNavigator
Health ObserverLand SurveyorArtist
AuthorProduction AssistantDesigner
Section SupervisorProspector raisedAssistant Mechanic
Agriculture supervisorStore InspectorWireless Operator
Interior DesignerWriterMechanic
Generator OperatorElectricianPrinting Operator
Nurse AssistantTemperamentCoordinator
SpecialistJewelerNetwork Engineer
Technical support engineerProsecutorSales and Marketing Representative
Company / Institute RepresentativeFlight NavigatorVessel Technician
Film cameramanMedia SpecialistDirector

How to Apply for an Oman Visa for UAE Residents?

If you are a UAE resident and planning to visit Oman, obtaining a visa is a necessary step. Here is a simplified guide on how to apply for an Oman visa:

Step 1: Visit the Royal Oman Police Website

To begin the application process, go to the Royal Oman Police (ROP) website. Look for the “Apply Online” tab under “Electronic Visa Services.” 

On the e-visa services page, choose “On-Arrival Tourist Visa, Express Visa, and Entry Visa for Foreign Residents in the GCC States.” Then select “Apply for Tourist Visa.”

Step 2: Create and Verify your Account

On the e-visa application portal, create an account by providing your email address and phone number. You will receive an email to verify your account.

Step 3: Select the Appropriate Visa Type

After setting up your account, go to the visa application section and choose the GCC Resident Tourist Visa (Type 29A).

Step 4: Complete the Application and Submit the Required Documents

Fill out the visa application form, providing all the necessary information such as your travel document details, full name, birth date, and previous visa details (if applicable). 

You will also need to attach scanned copies of your passport, UAE residence permit, and a recent passport-size photo with a white background.

Step 5: Pay the Visa Fees

Review all the information you provided before submitting your application. Once submitted, you will need to pay a visa fee of OMR5. If your application is approved, you will receive the visa via email. Make sure to print it out before your trip.

By following these steps, UAE residents can successfully apply for an Oman visa and embark on their journey to explore the beauty and culture of Oman.


Is entry to Oman free for UAE residents?

Entry to Oman is not free for UAE residents. While UAE nationals enjoy visa-free entry due to their membership in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), all other residents, regardless of their visa type (golden, green, digital nomad, or employment), require a specific visa to enter Oman.

Can I get an Oman visa on arrival?

Unfortunately, Oman no longer offers visas on arrival for any nationality, including UAE residents. This system was phased out and replaced by the electronic visa (eVisa) system.

What is the processing time for an Oman eVisa?

To ensure timely approval, it is advisable to apply in advance. In most cases, visitors receive their approved eVisa within 24 hours of submitting the online application.

Can I go to Oman from Dubai?

Yes, you can definitely go to Oman from Dubai! There are several ways to travel between the two destinations, depending on your budget and preferences. By air is the fastest and most convenient option, with flights taking as little as 45 minutes to an hour. However, driving from Dubai to Oman is a popular choice for those who want a road trip adventure.

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