Thinking about visiting Turkey from Dubai? Great choice! But before you start packing your bags, there’s some important paperwork you’ll need—your Turkey Visa. This blog will help you understand everything about Turkey tourist/visit visa. Let’s first break down what you need to know.

What Type of Visa Do I Need?

You’ll need a Turkey Visit Visa, also called a Turkey Tourist Visa.

How Long Can I Stay?

The visa can either be a single-entry or multiple-entry visa, allowing you to stay for up to 90 days. So, you’ll have plenty of time to explore Turkey’s rich culture and beautiful landscapes.

What Will It Cost Me?

A Turkey Visa will set you back around USD 60, roughly AED 220. Budget accordingly!

How Long Will It Take?

Plan, as the visa process usually takes about 7 working days.

Is a Visa Required for Citizens of Dubai to Enter Turkey?

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You’ll need a tourist visa if you live in the UAE and want to visit Turkey. This visa is good for 6 months, meaning you can go to Turkey as often as you like within that period. Planning and getting your visa sorted before you make travel arrangements is essential. Having the proper documentation can ensure you take your trip. So, it’s always a good idea to double-check visa requirements for the country you’re visiting. Stay informed and travel smart!

About The Turkey Visa for Dubai Citizens

Great news—you can easily get an electronic visa or e-Visa from home. This e-visa replaces the traditional “sticker visa” you’d get at the border, making travel more convenient. All you need is an internet connection to apply 24/7. Just fill out the application and pay the fee online. This process is especially handy for tourists because you can secure your visa before packing your bags. So why wait at the border when you can get your Turkish visa online? It’s quick, simple, and perfect for travelers looking to save time.

What Are The Types Of Visas For Turkey?

Turkey offers various types of visas depending on your needs. Here’s a simple guide for beginners:

  • Turkey Business Visa: This is perfect if you go to Turkey for work-related meetings or collaborations. You can freely engage with Turkish companies and business partners. It’s for short-term employment, though!
  • Turkey Transit Visa: This one’s handy if Turkey is just a pitstop for you. With this visa, you can pass through Turkey to reach another country. It’s short-term and only lets you stay in Turkey for a short time.
  • Turkey Work Visa: Planning to work in Turkey? This is the visa for you! But remember, you’ll also need a Turkey Work Permit and this visa. This combo will allow you to be legally employed in Turkey.
  • Turkey Student Visa: If you’re looking to study in Turkey, this visa allows you to enter the country for academic reasons. It’s your ticket to a great educational journey in Turkey.

How to Apply for a Turkey Visa in Dubai?

If you’re planning a fun trip to Turkey from Dubai, you must get a tourist visa first. But if you’re going to see friends or family, make sure they send you an invite; you’ll need it for your visa application. To apply, just head to the Turkish Visa Application Centre in the UAE and follow their process. 

Choose Visa Category

Your first step is to visit the website of the trusted partners of the Embassy of Turkey in the UAE. Here, you’ll find different visa options. Choose the one that best matches your reason for visiting Turkey. For example, you can pick the “Touristic Visa” category if you plan a vacation. Choosing the right visa type is crucial for a smooth trip. So, make sure you get this part right! It’s easy to follow, and you’ll find all the details on the website. 

Documents Required For Turkey Visa

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There are some important documents you’ll need for your Turkey visa application. Getting these together beforehand will save you time and stress. Here’s a straightforward list to guide you:

Basic Documents

  • Original Passport: Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months from your planned arrival date in Turkey and has at least two empty pages.
  • Biometric Photograph: You’ll need two passport-size photos that measure 5X6CM. These should have a white background and must be taken within the last six months.
  • Valid Residence Permit: If you’re applying in the UAE, your resident permit must be valid for at least six months from the application date. Remember to photocopy your residence permit, visa, and Emirates ID.

Travel Plans

  • Round Trip Flight Tickets: Though you might be eager to book your flight, waiting until your visa is approved is a good idea.
  • Proof of Accommodation: Hotel reservations or other accommodation details are necessary. Like flight tickets, consider confirming these after your visa is secured. If someone has invited you, you’ll need a letter specifying the reason, duration, and other details.

Financial and Occupational Details

  • Travel Insurance: Make sure to have travel health insurance that covers your stay in Turkey.
  • Proof of Employment: Get an original letter from your company if you’re employed. If you own a business, you’ll need a letter on company letterhead that details the purpose of your trip, along with the trade license and bank statement for the last three months.
  • If Retired: Bring original retirement documentation and proof of the last pension amount received.

Special Cases

  • Invitation Letter: For a tourist visa, the inviting person must provide a letter with their details, including their Turkish identity number and your relationship to them.
  • Additional Documents: Bring those relevant residence documents if you’ve previously lived in Turkey or another country. Also, provide any previously issued Turkish, Schengen, USA, or UK visas if applicable.

Remember, each visa type may have different requirements, so it’s a good idea to check the official website or consult experts for the most accurate and updated information.

Turkey Visa Photo Requirements

Here’s a simplified, easy-to-understand guide for submitting your passport-size photos:

  • Size Matters: Make sure your photos are 5X6CM.
  • Keep it White: The background should be plain white.
  • Stay Recent: Your photo should have been taken within the last six months.
  • Clear & Sharp: Make sure the picture is clear, without blurry.
  • Look Straight: Look directly into the camera for a perfect shot.
  • Skip the Gear: No hats or caps allowed.
  • Ditch the Glasses: Remove your spectacles before taking the photo.

Requirements For Minors For The Turkey Visa

Below are the following documents needed by the minor applicants to submit:

  • Both Parents Are Available: If you’re applying together, you’ll need a notarized letter of consent signed by both of you. Also, include copies of your passports and UAE residence visas.
  • One Parent is Absent: If only one parent applies, you’ll need a consent letter from the parent staying behind. Remember to attach their passport and UAE residence visa copies.
  • Parents Not Together: A consent letter is still necessary if the application isn’t being made jointly. Attach copies of the parents’ passports and UAE residence visas.
  • Divorced Parents: Both parents must each provide a letter of consent. Yes, even if you’re divorced.
  • One Parent is Deceased: In this sad instance, submit the death certificate of the parent who has passed away.

How to Apply Online For The Turkey Visa From Dubai?

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You can apply online via the Turkey Application Center, the Turkey Government Website and many more. Make sure all your papers are either in English or Turkish. If they’re in a different language, you’ll need to get them translated before you apply for the Turkey online visa. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Choose Country or Region Firstly, you must select the country or region that issued your ordinary passport. You’ll also go through a quick security verification.

Step 2: Date of Arrival Next, input the date you plan to enter Turkey. This is crucial for visa validity.

Step 3: Personal Information Enter details like your first name, surname, date of birth, and place of birth. Remember, your visa will only be valid if these match your passport.

Step 4: Email Verification After entering your information, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Ensure to verify within 1 hour; otherwise, your application will be canceled. Once verified, you can’t make any changes.

Step 5: Data Control Congrats, you’ve completed your application’s first step. Check to ensure all details are correct.

Step 6: Payment The visa fee is 60 USD (approximately AED 220). Payment options are diverse, ranging from UnionPay to Alipay. Please don’t use your browser’s back or refresh buttons during this step; it could mess up the transaction.

Step 7: Wait for Approval Now sit back and wait for your visa approval, which will complete your application process.

How To Apply For The Turkey Visa via The Application Center?

The Türkiye Visa Application Center is where you’ll go, but remember, they only forward applications to the Embassy or Consulate. The decision is entirely up to those authorities. Here’s a simple, step-by-step guide to make the process easy for you:

  1. Book an Appointment: You’ll need to schedule an appointment online through the official website. No walk-ins are allowed, so make sure to book in advance. Each person needs an appointment if you’re applying with family or friends.
  1. Pay the Fees: You’ll pay the visa fees when you submit your application at the center. Payment options include cash or card. Keep an eye out for additional charges:
    • Prime Time Fee: If you schedule during busy hours, you’ll be charged an extra AED 189. Please note that visa rules, fees, and service charges are subject to change. For the most accurate and current information, it would be best to contact the visa application center directly or visit their official website.
    • Premium Service Fee: If you opt for Premium Service, that’s an additional AED 393.75. Please note that visa rules, fees, and service charges are subject to change. For the most accurate and current information, it would be best to contact the visa application center directly or visit their official website.
  1. Wait for Approval: All you can do is wait once you’ve submitted everything. The application center, the Embassy, or the Consulate don’t decide.

Final Words 

Alright, my adventurous pals, that’s a wrap! We’ve taken a whirlwind tour through the must-knows of getting a Turkey Visa from Dubai. 

So grab that passport, snap a perfect photo (say cheese!), and don’t forget to show off those bank statements like you’re some kind of rockstar. 

The wonders of Turkey are just a visa away—imagine the dazzling hot air balloons, the ancient ruins, and, oh, the delicious kebabs! Your dream trip is closer than you think. 

Still feeling a little nervous? No worries! Traveling to a new country is a big deal, and having questions is okay. For now, take a deep breath, press ‘submit’ on that visa application, and get ready to experience the magic that Turkey has to offer.

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