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Car insurance covers and providers

Car insurance providers and comprehensive policies in the UAE

Insurers and their insurance policies vary in two ways: in terms of service and in terms of cover. Since Alfred offers you carefully selected providers, you are taken care of in regards to the former. However, we also offer a variety in terms of the latter so that we can tailor a recommendation that is right for you.

Generally speaking, multinational companies like AXA, Chartis (AIG) have simple claims processes and broad coverage. Local companies like National General Insurance (or NGI) offer great value and their service standards are good too.  Each company has their preferred target market in terms of car types and values, so if you haven’t got a clue about what you want, leave it up to your personal shopper to find where you would benefit from best value for money. Obviously, we never compromise on quality here at

Takaful insurance companies, like Salama (one of the oldest Islamic Insurance companies on the planet), invest your money ethically and sustainably – as complied by Shariah (Islamic Law). In other words, your insurance premium would not be invested in a Haram activity (an activity forbidden by Islamic Law) nor would excessive risks be taken with insurance funds in the interest of higher profits. Takaful companies are doing a great job and there’s something special about doing business with a conscience!

We won't sell you a comprehensive policy that doesn't include the following things:

At least half a million in third party property damage

Coverage for blood money in case of accident for a third party

Cover for fire and theft

Oman cover

Guaranteed repairs

And often, our best policies include:

Personal injury cover for you

Off Road cover, if your car is a 4x4

Cover for your Personal belongings

New car replacement

Cover for your emergency medical expenses.

Of course, we have a whole load of optional extras available for you, why not have a look at the optional benefits page?